Legendary Spartan Halo 3 Master Chief Costume for Sale on eBay: the Best Halloween Mjolnir Armor

halo 3 spartan master chief mjolnir armor on ebay Missed previous auction for Master Chief costume?
Don't worry, there's another one, but it seems to be your last chance to buy a Spartan Master Chief armor for Halloween night.

Moreover, now you can get not only the Halo 3 Mjolnir Armor, but the legend: this Master Chief suit was used at Halo 3 launch event, met both Peter Moore and J. Allard, has been featured on multiple TV shows, including G4, Spike TV, Sci-Fi Channel, & Jimmy Kimmel!

This mjolnir armor is really fantastic and it seems that now you can bid on the best, and most famous, Master Chief Halo 3 Spartan costume that has ever been made available.

But before placing your bid on this not so cheap Halloween costume you should know that the suit does NOT come with a bunch of attractive females on each arm (but I know: you wish it did :] )

Because I have just found out that my wife & I are having our second child, (yea!) and with a happy yet heavy heart, I must now part with my own personal armor. Now it can be yours.

It has been on multiple TV shows, including G4, Spike TV, Sci-Fi Channel, & Jimmy Kimmel. It has been featured on websites that are too numerous to list here. This suit is more than, famous – it has become iconic.

The Master Chief suit is made from a very hard and dense, poured fiberglass material. It is NOT one of those cheaply casted vacuum-formed suits. It is VERY durable and will last you a long time.

I'm 6’2” in the pictures, so you can figure out how well it might fit you from that. (Also, it comes from a non-smoking home)

Also included are 2 SMG replicas that attach to the thigh armor via magnets, for quick dual wielding!


Included in this auction is:
1 Helmet
Dual Layer, Gold-Reflective Visor (easy to see through)
4 LED Lights (battery powered and switch in helmet)
Foam padded for easy wear

spartan halo 3 master chief costume Chest Piece with attached Abdominal piece
Back Piece
2 Shoulders/Bicep pieces
2 Forearms
2 Hand Plates (with 2 gloves w/ forearm sheathing to hide any showing skin)

2 Piece armor Cod Piece
2 front armor pieces
2 rear armor pieces
1 rear armor butt-plate

2 Thighs
2 Shins
2 Calves
2 Black Combat Boots – size 10

2 Ankle armor pieces
2 Toe armor pieces
2 Heel armor pieces

1 Black Under-suit (with all buckle clips custom attached for the armor pieces)
1 Black Neck Seal (size: 18)

2 Replica SMGs (with magnets for attaching to thighs)
Assault Rifle Display


The Flag, Skull and Master Chief's Battle Rifle are NOT included in this auction, but if you win those as well as the armor, I will ship them together.

The armor pieces attach to the under-suit via black, quick release clips and assorted Velcro – All are all ready for you to put on NOW.

You can have this suit in time for Halloween! You’re sure to win costume contests!

I have had a phenomenal time with this armor, and made a LOT of people happy in it – You will find that people will flock to you.

You will never have this opportunity again.

PLEASE: Only bid if you intend on procuring the armor. I’m a private collector, and a fan, so I really don’t want the BS.

Please see my other SEPARATE auctions that I will soon have up, including:

3’ by 5’ Red Team Base Flag (seen in these pics)
Gold Skull for top of Halo CTF Flagpole (seen in these pics)
Replica Halo Battle Rifle (seen in these pics) (signed by Frankie from Bungie!, shoots Nerf bolts)

And my favorite:
The only Halo 3 Diorama figure ever been seen in public and now available
Halo 3 Diorama Brute

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Currently, green Master Chief's Spartan suit of armor sits at $2025, so you still can get it before Halloween!


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