Catch More Bidders by Starting Your eBay Auctions at the Best Time

There are millions of people who want to make a living from eBay. Why don’t they all succeed? If there was one answer I’d tell you in a heart beat. Heres one piece of the puzzle to help you optimize your eBay sales.

When placing an eBay auction, it can seem like it takes forever. Making sure you have everything perfect from the starting bid to all your images actually showing up (and in the right place). It can be a little hectic, and one thing many sellers are overlooking: they're not choosing the best time to start their eBay auction. Would you want your auctions to come to a close at 3 AM on a weekday? Do you really think this is the best time to end your eBay auction? Of course not. Sundays are eBay's hot day partially because many people are off work. I’m sure you’ve been a casual Sunday browser before.

So Sundays eBay's traffic is at its highest. That means more viewers for your auctions. That means more bidders. That means more money. Simple as that. If you want to really maximize your auctions then avoid having them end on Holidays. Sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed at how many sellers are kicking themselves after a couple bids when they realize its set up to end new years eve (maybe they are trying to draw intoxicated bidders, ha).


Keep US time zones into account. Remember that ending an auction at seven on the Pacific sets it up to close at ten at Eastern. It can be tricky to appeal to everyone. You can always use the following page to see the official eBay Time and calculate the time in your area:

US Time Zones: Catch More Bidders by Starting Your eBay Auctions at the Best Time - eBay

Anyways, should you have every item in your entire inventory end on Sunday at 7pm? Of course not, don’t go overboard. Its little tips like this that separate the “I tried selling on eBay” from the successful powersellers.
Good luck!

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