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  • Unique and Expensive 1960's Camera Watch for Sale on eBay: One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece for James Bond

    First camera watch, made in 1969 While different gadgets built into wristwatches and phones isn't all that notable nowadays, back in the 1960's, it wasn't that easy. That's why this unbelievable Kilfitt UKA 659 camerawatch is so sweet.

    It's a very tiny analogue camera packed into a stylish (at least for its time) watch. Only one of them was ever made, created in the 60's as a prototype by famed optician Heinz Kilfitt in his Munich laboratory. It uses custom film disc, has a shutter speed from 1/15 sec to 1/1,000 sec and 1.3mm - 10.5mm lens. This beautiful piece of history ain't so cheap as its modern Chinese analogues, but if you have $60,000 to spend there'd be worse ways to squander it.

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    Top 25 Hottest eBay Products: 2007 Holiday HotList Revealed. Most Profitable Keywords Included!

    most profitable ebay products for 2007 holiday season Want to know what's hot for this holiday selling season? eBay experts have come up with the 2007 eBay Holiday Selling Hotlist, a list of eBay products predicted to be most profitable due to high demand, but short supply this holiday season. eBay also recommends top categories and hot keywords to help you attract more buyers. Some hot products include fly fishing reels, collectible vintage Star Wars action figures, and diamond tennis bracelets.

    This year, the items on eBay Hot List come from:

    • eBay top searches: Items with the most frequent keywords in title and product-specific detail combinations that were the most popular but least available during the last year.
    • New releases: The very latest in technology, fashion, collectibles, media, and more.
    • Hot eBay trends: Things that popping up in our hunt for the most-wanted products.
    • eBay Bestsellers: Popular items frequently in short supply during the holidays.

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    Legendary Spartan Halo 3 Master Chief Costume for Sale on eBay: the Best Halloween Mjolnir Armor

    halo 3 spartan master chief mjolnir armor on ebay Missed previous auction for Master Chief costume?
    Don't worry, there's another one, but it seems to be your last chance to buy a Spartan Master Chief armor for Halloween night.

    Moreover, now you can get not only the Halo 3 Mjolnir Armor, but the legend: this Master Chief suit was used at Halo 3 launch event, met both Peter Moore and J. Allard, has been featured on multiple TV shows, including G4, Spike TV, Sci-Fi Channel, & Jimmy Kimmel!

    This mjolnir armor is really fantastic and it seems that now you can bid on the best, and most famous, Master Chief Halo 3 Spartan costume that has ever been made available.

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    Welsh Guy Named Best eBay Seller of the Year

    Jamie Murray - first eBay seller of the year
    Jamie Murray, 28, from Saint Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, beat 20+m other eBay member to the auction site's title. He built a multimillion-pound business has and been named the Top eBay Seller of the Year.

    His company selling memory cards and electronic accessories got the highest number of the site's satisfied buyers over the past year.
    Since 2004, he has had more than 125 000 positive eBay feedback ratings from customers. Mr Murray has several thousand items listed for sale at one time.

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    Tips to Writing a Perfect Description for Your eBay Listing: Attract More Bidders for Free!

    At its heart, your eBay item description is an advertisement. Without making it too obvious, you should be writing sales copy. You trying to get buyers excited about your products, and that's usually hard - but on eBay, if you have the right product to sell and provide enough details, the buyers almost excite themselves.

    • Technical Details

    Include every technical detail you have, including the item's manufacturer, condition, dimensions, where and when it was made, item history, and anything else special about it. But don't be too boring, though: the best eBay item descriptions are written in friendly, conversational language, and show a real knowledge of the item.

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    Exclusive Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 Console Signed by Bill Gates Listed on eBay

    Halo 3 Master Chief Costume Helmet Xbox 360 Limited Edition The ultimate Halo 3 package which contains the ONLY Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 console that has been personally signed by Bill Gates, the ONLY Limited Edition Halo 3 Zune 30 GB media player personally signed by J Allard and a lot of other exclusive Halo stuff (total retail value of the package is about $2,000).

    In anticipation with the year's largest blockbuster game launch, Microsoft offers the Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console auctioned on eBay. The console features an exclusive "Spartan green and gold" finish and comes bundled with a matching Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, 20GB Hard Drive, Headset, Play & Charge Kit, and exclusive Halo 3 Gamer Pics and Theme (available via Xbox LIVE download).

    Current bid: US $8,600.

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    eBay or PayPal Hacked? Credit Card Info of 1200 Users Posted on Trust & Safety Forum

    eBay or PayPal Hacked? Credit Card Info of 1200 Users Posted on Trust & Safety Forum Whatever IT is, you can find IT on eBay… including other members' private data, such as credit card numbers (with three digit CVV2 number), user names, and contact information. Has eBay or Paypal been hacked? Or, is this just a hoax schemed by tricksters?

    Hackers have posted personal information on 1,200 eBay customers to an eBay forum, dedicated, ironically, to fraud prevention. The information was up for around an hour this morning before eBay shut the message board down and displayed usernames, email details, credit card details, CVV2 numbers, phone numbers and home addresses to visitors.

    We have a huge list of possibly compromised eBay ID's, you can find it below along with discussion board screenshots.

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    Stop Paying Absurd and Unreasonable Prices! Five Ways to Detect Shill Bidders on eBay

    There is as a lot of buzz about shill bidders on the eBay forums. But in actuality, shill bidding isn’t that common and is rather easily detected.

    A seller will sometimes attempt to use shill bilding to raise the price of merchandise he is selling. The idea is that the shiller will bid increasingly high prices, in the hope that legitimate buyers like you will top the artificially high prices in an effort to win the auction.

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    Catch More Bidders by Starting Your eBay Auctions at the Best Time

    There are millions of people who want to make a living from eBay. Why don’t they all succeed? If there was one answer I’d tell you in a heart beat. Heres one piece of the puzzle to help you optimize your eBay sales.

    When placing an eBay auction, it can seem like it takes forever. Making sure you have everything perfect from the starting bid to all your images actually showing up (and in the right place). It can be a little hectic, and one thing many sellers are overlooking: they're not choosing the best time to start their eBay auction. Would you want your auctions to come to a close at 3 AM on a weekday? Do you really think this is the best time to end your eBay auction? Of course not. Sundays are eBay's hot day partially because many people are off work. I’m sure you’ve been a casual Sunday browser before.

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    Looking to Increase Your eBay Sales? Write a Better Auction Title than This One!

    When selling on eBay, your keyword description isn't the only chance you have at creating a title. You can also create benefit-oriented auction titles that emphasize keywords much less in the body of your description. Just use HTML to create larger fonts and dark colors if you insist on using color in the title.

    Why do this? Because titles draw in readers and buyers. As David Ogilvy is famous for putting it, "Your headline is the ticket on the meat" (paraphrased). The headline draws in those who would be interested, compelled, in need, etc. It's the first test that filters out those who are hungry for meat and those who are not.

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